Miscellaneous Jeep Pictures

Before the Lift

The First Trip

As soon as I owned my Jeep, I started looking for someone to go off-roading with. Fortunately for me, another guy in my apartment complex had also just bought a Jeep as well, and was also looking for a fellow off-roader. The first chance we got, we headed out to have some fun.

These are technically "after" pictures.

The front bumper and fog-lights are after-market, put on by the previous owner.

Even a bone-stock YJ is a good looking vehicle. I have trouble believing my jeep ever looked like this, though.

This technically isn't from the first trip, but it was an early one. This was one of the rare days that winter that was both cold and wet.

The biggest weakness in my stock YJ was the lack of articulation. I was also lacking in experience, so I didn't know how to pick a line.

The off-set holes on this hill made it easy to get one tire way up in the air, and another tire light. That made it hard for my stock YJ to get past.

The Cherokee on the left was Dempsey's. He bought it like that from Matt at .

Another picture from a later trip.

The sun was sinking fast, and we were pretty worn out. Lighting quality took a back seat to just getting done.

American Fork Canyon

American Fork Canyon was the closest place we knew of for decent off-road fun. One of the preferred routes was the Cascade Springs Trail. For the first few years I had the jeep, that was where we went most of the time.

This massive puddle was at the very beginning of the Cascade Springs trail, and on a different occasion, caused the demise of my first engine.

Sometimes, you have to stop and appreciate the view.

Soft dirt, and a trail that vanished right after a switch-back are what caused this photo op.

Stream crossings used to be a normal part of exploring AF Canyon.

This stream was at the start of the trail to Pittsburgh lake. A short time after this, the Pittsburgh Lake trail got closed because a drunk guy rolled his ATV on it.

This is on the Cascade Springs trail. The Park service closed off most of this trail as well.

There are a lot more pictures I'll get up as soon as I can.