Moab: September 24-25 2004

Fins 'n Things and Pritchett Canyon

Fins 'n Things/Campsite

Friday Night, I met (former co-worker) Matt Allen and a couple of his friends down in Moab. We picked a camp-site right at the trail-head of Fins 'n Things, and I unloaded my jeep from the trailer. The first order of business was to play around on Fins 'n Things. We ran about the first half of the trail before it got dark enough we decided to quit. I took these pictures of our camp and a group of jeeps starting out on Fins 'n Things on Saturday morning.

Matt's jeep parked on a fin beside our campsite.

Our campsite was literally at the head of Fins 'n Things. It's a pretty tame trail, but a lot of fun.

This group was mostly lightly modded TJs, including a couple stock looking Rubicons.

Pritchett Canyon

Once we were all awake and moving, we prepped the jeeps and drove across town to the Pritchett Canyon trail. Pritchett Canyon is among the toughest trails in Moab, and few people leave without at least a little body damage.

Matt starts down the first obstacle, a stair-step drop-off.

Another view of Matt on the stairs.

Still more Matt on the stairs.

My turn on the stairs.

The next obstacle, the waterfall, is optional.

The top of the step is about the same level as my hood.

Getting your front wheels up is the easy part...

It was about now that I found out my rear locker wasn't engaging.

Not being locked wasn't going to stop me!

More of me at the waterfall.

This gives you a better idea of what I was actually climbing.

Almost there! Don't let the number of pictures fool you. this was a pretty easy climb

On another trail, this obstacle might have a name. In Pritchett canyon, it's just part of the trail.

It doesn't look so bad from here.

Then again, maybe it is a little steep...

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