Floyd's Military Aircraft Image Archive

Floyd the Penguin hapily provides the following collection of really neat military aircraft. Originally, Floyd also intended to create all kinds of fun documentation on them all too. Then, Floyd found the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) website (). Floyd was in awe. Not only did their section have the information he was going to post, they had some insider-type info he could have never gotten! Wow! You'll also note that he's decided to point you at their main pages, not just the specific pages relevant to his stuff. That's because the FAS is just plain AWESOME!! and has so much information not even the entire Stunkworks staff has had time to see it all.

Now for the Pictures:

Fixed Wing Aircraft
B1-B Lancer
B2 Spirit
F-117A Nighthawk
F-22 Raptor
U2 and SR-71 Blackbird
Rotary Wing Aircraft
AH-64 Apache
KA-50 and KA-52 (Russian Attack Hellicopters)
RAH-66 Comanche
OH-58 Kiowa Warrior
Cross-over Aircraft
V-22 Osprey
AV-8B "Hawker" Harrier coming soon!

These pages are all thumbnail indexes. The thumbnails are roughly 40k, and there are a maximum of 15 per page. That means the page shouldn't take more than 20 seconds to load on a typical 56K connection.